Recognition Level

We are a verified level five (5) contributor with a B-BBEE recognition level of 80%.

Ownership and Diversity

L & S Consulting (Pty) Ltd strives to promote diversity in the appointment of staff and management, and by upskilling candidates internally to achieve the company's transformation objectives.
Transformation goals form an integral part of the company's succession planning.

Skills Development

L&S Consulting has structured training programmes for candidates needing experiential training as well as internships, learnerships and mentorship programmes for professional registration. L&S Consulting has bursaries for engineers studying at university.
Candidates from training programmes are typically absorbed by L&S Consulting and strategic partners.
L&S Consulting encourages and supports staff for further studies such as honours, master degrees and continued professional development. This includes in house programmes for advancement of leadership and management skills with the assistance of People Development Partners.
L&S Consulting assists with the financial support of individuals placed at strategic partners seeking post graduate studies.
Internal upskilling is continuously implemented to ensure opportunities for staff to progress and grow, aligned with operational needs to ensure that a high level of service is maintained.

Social Economic Development Activities

L & S Consulting regularly participates in pro bono work to assist charities and NGO’s (such as Impilo Foster Homes for AIDS orphans)
In addition, donations are given to charities and organisations that focus on upliftment (such as Little Eden and the Abcon foundation).

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